TAKE THE SENSES. Useful tips for choosing a good color-scent combination

The right perfume oil is wonderful and can give your soap or bath product a big boost. Not only is it the finishing touch for your product, but the means to create a special feeling. Smells are the strongest senses you have and the right scent can do a lot with your bar of soap. A color goes with every scent and makes your product seductive.

Choosing a good scent and color is largely dependent on your personal preference. You have scents that give you an instant happy feeling. It has a certain color. Or you have an intense scent that makes you think of passion and romance. There is also a certain color. So you have all kinds of scents and colors. The choice is important. A light or a heavy scent should match your product. A light, fresh scent is better for the day than a very heavy scent. In the summer, customers are also more likely to look for light scents than for heavy scents. And vice versa in winter time.

Advice for choosing a good color-scent combination

Some scents are strongly tied to a certain color (such as lavender to violet and orange to orange). The cosmetics industry has come a long way in researching customer expectations. Below are some tips about the expectations that colors can evoke.

Choose an appropriate color for a fragrance by closing your eyes when you smell the perfume oil. Describe the feeling this scent evokes in you. Check if your description matches one of the descriptions below and choose the color that corresponds to it.

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