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Get to know the
Sapo Bene quality mark

Do you and your clients want to make high-quality, attractive and original soap products that are good sellers in your shop or at markets and fairs?

If you identify with this ambition, sign up to Sapo Bene, the Gildewerk Quality Systems BV hallmark, which guarantees that your soap products are made with approved, safe ingredients according to the best recipes. Soap makers that use this hallmark comply with all European regulations.

Gildewerk has developed a system that constantly monitors quality and with which Sapo Bebe products are guaranteed to be top-quality and safe. As a member of Sapo Bene, you have nothing to worry about. You and your clients can simply keep making and selling beautiful and luxurious soap and bath accessories.

Why do we have the Gildewerk Soap Quality System?

European regulation

As a (certified) soap maker, you produce a cosmetic product that is applied to the skin. For this reason, the European Union has compiled a series of legal regulations that govern the production process and sale of soap products. These are specified in the European Cosmetics Regulation. European rules and regulations apply to the entire cosmetics industry, so shower gel and bath pearls are included. It makes no difference whether just a few soap items or thousands of pots or bottles are produced per day. It is all about ensuring that a safe product is manufactured in controlled, hygienic conditions with all ingredients traceable to their origin. With the Gildewerk Soap Quality System, we make this easy for you.

We will gladly explain how the Gildewerk Soap Quality System can benefit you. Gildewerk Quality Systems BV is the company that guarantees quality and provides your products with the Sapo Bene hallmark.


The Gildewerk Soap Quality System takes over most of the tasks forthcoming from the European Cosmetics Regulation. You, as an institution, can subscribe to this quality system. It will take a lot of administration and checks off your hands and you will be able to confidently guarantee your employees, buyers and customers that your procedures and products comply with European regulations. To be clear, the Gildewerk Soap Quality System only guarantees the quality and safety of soap products made with ingredients supplied by Gildewerk.


When you start making soap (products) in a professional capacity, you must notify the authorities so that they can verify compliance with cosmetics regulations.

Product dossier

Soap products are made from various ingredients sourced from different suppliers. All suppliers are responsible for their own products. At the end, all ingredients come together during the production process. As a soap maker, you must record certain details about your soap products in a product dossier. These details include the qualitative and quantitative composition and the ingredients used. To guarantee traceability, every ingredient is provided with a unique code (lot/batch number). The final product is also given a unique number. With the help of the Gildewerk Soap Quality System, this registration process can be quick and easy.

Gildewerk Quality Systems BV keeps production dossiers up-to-date on behalf of subscribers to the Gildewerk Soap Quality System. In such a case, all types of soap produced must undergo initial bacteriological analysis, from extruder and moulded soap to liquid soap and bath salts, etc. For the qualitative assessment of the final product, Gildewerk Quality Systems will analyse random samples of your products.

What does the Gildewerk Soap Quality System expect from you?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Working in accordance with GMP does not just entail hygiene demands applicable to the production process, it also entails demands applicable to procedures. Efficient production is based on tidiness and cleanliness. If your production area and production methods meet the demands, you will receive a certificate as proof of GMP from Gildewerk Quality Systems BV.

Guarantee and convenience

The Gildewerk Soap Quality System will save you a lot of time, energy and effort. As a subscriber, you will be assured of a quality product that complies with the legal requirements.

Note: All guarantees offered by the Gildewerk Soap Quality System apply exclusively to products manufactured with ingredients supplied by Gildewerk. Contact: holland@gildewerk.dhvv.nl


Don’t take any risk. Make sure your soap products comply with European Hygiene & Cosmetics Legislation.